Mobile Intelligence. Trusted Data.

Ensure the accurate routing of Voice and SMS messages anywhere in the world.

With the increasing need for Voice Routing, Application to Person messaging, Two Factor Authentication and One Time Password Services it is important that SMS messages and voice calls are delivered to your customers quickly and accurately.

Velocity NP

Our superfast query platform can identify the network of your mobile customers within 5 ms, ensuring the accurate and least cost routing of your SMS and Voice Calls globally.

Superfast - Response times of 5ms
Access to our Global Number Plan
Global Query service available
Scalability to provide in excess of 1 million queries per second
Database of over 2 billion unique ported numbers
Data from authoritative sources such as regulators and Mobile Network Operators

Velocity Live

Real-time network query to provide enhanced intelligence.

Our Velocity Live service performs a real-time query using the global mobile operator signalling network to determine not only which Mobile Network Operator a number belongs to, but also the Live Subscriber Status, which instantly allows you to see if a number is active or not.

Real-time network query, with a response in under 500ms
Live subscriber status to detect real active numbers from potential fake credentials
Global coverage available
Bulk upload capability for cleansing customer contact lists
Authoritative data direct from the Mobile Network Operators
Response times of less than 5ms
More than 2 Billion Ported Numbers
In excess of 1 million queries per second

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